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"PunkOiUK: End End of an Era: PunkOiUK - RIP

After 10 years of dedicating every minute of spare (and often not spare) time to Punk & Oi In The UK, the time has come to bid farewell. That's right folks *circumstances have dictated I am calling it a day.

* The circumstance in question being a baby due in 8 weeks time! Over the years I have not taken any holiday (except honeymoon), taken time away from the site, had weekends off except for festivals as the website has constantly screamed for my attention - now I need that time for my forth coming child. I am the only can do things by 100% and that will apply more than ever to me being a parent.

I am proud of what Punk & Oi In The UK has achieved over the years, especially as it only ever set off to be a few pages with the type of information I wanted to find out and was impossible to find anywhere on the internet for the UK at the time. Ie what gigs were on, how to get in touch with record labels and not much more than that. It never started out with any grand scheme, any promises to anyone, or to change the world. Sometimes people have placed great expectations on the site, but please remember it is just a humble online listing of information. Punk & Oi In The UK has grown organically over the years. One of my frustrations has been I have had many more ideas than time has allowed me to implicate. I have always worked at the same time as running the site, and no matter how I try to get round (for quite a period of time only having time to sleep of 5 hours a night) there are only so many hours in a day.

Over the years Punk & Oi In The UK (and me - there has only ever been myself running the website) have survived many a challenge, but have stood strong. Here are just a few of them in no particular order that you may or may not have known about; -

  • Working 70 hours a week (including main job and site) for the majority of the last 10 years.
  • Being told if I did not start spending less time on a computer I was likely to lose the use of my arms (due to joint and nerve problems caused by overuse)
  • Successfully, running Punk & Oi In The UK, working full time in IT and retraining for a different career in Fitness (hence you seeing less of DRUNK-Oi-UK).
  • Leaving the rat race and working for myself as a Personal Traininer which has taken on a life of it's own. The thought was once I left IT, I would be able to dedicate more time to Punk & Oi In The UK, but I soon found when I had to earn an income from my PT business it meant spending a lot of time on it (and you do not get to add gigs when your boss is not looking, as you are your own boss).
  • Mother's rapidly diteriating health, and helping provide care for her: Diagnosed with Alzheimer's in her 50's around 8 years ago. She was aware of her condition until a couple of years ago. Almost having to get her sectioned to get her into a nursing home as carers would no longer look after her due to it taking 4 people and a hoist to move her. Her having strokes and being given just days to live in November. Not understanding her first grandchild is on the way.
  • Suffering from stress
  • Coping with nearest and dearest with extreme depression.
  • Complications in pregnancy and being told to take it easy (what is that?)
  • Being approached by an established company who wanted to input £50,000.00 - £100,000.00 into Punk & Oi In The UK and form a shareholders partnership. Looking into it and turning it down.
  • Spending thousands of own (much needed) money in webspace, domain names, solicitors, accountants, electricity etc etc
  • Having personal threats put on the Punk & Oi In The UK Message Board (anyone remember the days of the board?)
  • Having many other slatings on many other message boards - yawn
  • Accusations of selling out

Never a dull moment, eh!

With my hand on my heart I can honestly say Punk & Oi In The UK has always stayed independent and DIY, I have never let anyone dictate to me and to me that is Punk Rock.

A heart felt thank you to anyone and everyone who has helped make the site what it has been.

PunkOiUK - RIP
(1998 - 2008)

ps Feelers were put out to see if Punk & Oi In The UK could be passed on as a going concern with acknowledgment for time and effort. To date no satisfactory arrangement has been agreed to."


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